Monday, January 13, 2014

Medieval History About The Super Natural Research Paper

I ? ?What I Know?When I started this project on knightly/Elizabethan hagfishes and superintendentnatural I knew: some religions believed that the eldritch lived in the woods. The English alike thought that spirits liked to monkey tricks on people at night. Shakespeare wrote m both plays most them which make them to a greater extent known and talked most. Witches were always executed, no thing how burning(pre titulary) you were. Witches wore raggedy clothing and were really ugly with moles, yellow teeth, long moody finger nails, and had m either warts. Being accused of a fascinate was taken very seriously. II- ?What I Want to Find egress?I want to know as much as possible. What got people to believe in witches? Who conducted witch hunts? If they had ever any paranormal endures what were they? Did they read anything to hospital ward of witches? Did they have anything to ward of ghosts? What was the churches companionable occasion in this? Were there any infa mous witches? What do them so infamous? What was a witch?s organise? Did witches have any other names?III- ?What I discovered?During the Elizabethan and Medieval period many revered the necromantic and witches. The super natural and witches were the scapegoats of that clock. some believed that witches were females and males. The people of England called them ?enchanters,? ?weird sisters,? ?sorceress,? and ?magicians.? (Hill, 8)The sorcerous and witches were associated with the devil. Many thought that witches were able to witches were believed to also possess the indicant of flight. Allegedly, witches love to feast on human flesh and babies were a daintiness to them. If you were accused of being a witch, sometimes you would be hurl on a ?witch scale? and weighed against two very heavy and huge volumes of the Plymouth Bible. The English carried around talismans to ward of witches and bad...
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