Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is Biodiesel a Viable Alternative To Diesel From Fossil Fuels For Trucks And Buses?

1.0 IntroductionBiodiesel is defined as mono-alky esters of long ?chain fatty acid. It is a enkindle that derived from the vegetable crude oils, animal fats, which is similar to the diesel furnish except that it is made from the crops. It is produced from domestically grown, renewable sources, such as crop oils or animal fats which ar then chemically converted into biodiesel (Habmigren, 2003). Unlike diesel, biodiesel contains no petroleum products and free of south compounds and aromatics (Habmigren, 2003). Until today, it is still the only alternative kindle for motor vehicle. The biodiesel blends take for off ranged from 2/98% (B2), 20/80% (B20), to century% (B100) (Hafman, 2003). The reasons biodiesel is a viable alternative to diesel from fossil fuels for trucks and buses are it potbelly reduce the pollution, it can enhance the country?s economy, and it is renewable sources and can produce almost same nix as diesel fuels. 2.0 Chemical BackgroundBiodiesel comprises lo ng-chain fatty acids with an intoxicant attached on it and produced finished the reaction of a vegetable oil with alcohol in the presence of the particle accelerator, such as honey oil hydroxide or sodium hydroxide called transesterification (Hafman, 2003). The catalyst utilise to hydrolysis the triglyceride, and alcohols trustingness with the fatty acid to produce biodiesel (Gorham, 2006). After a round reaction, the glycerol and ester constellation two liquid layers and catalyst is distant for reuse. (Vegetable oil) + (Alcohol) ? (Glycerol) +(Methyl Ester)On the other hand, diesel is made from the petroleum which takes millions of eld to form under the earth. Thus, it is a kind of nonrenewable nothing source. very(prenominal) as diesel fuels, biodiesel can generate the engine with combustion process. The bedim point of biodiesel is 13°C whereas the overcloud point of diesel fuels is -15°C (Hafman, 2003). Both biodiesel and diesel fuel are liquid in... If you want t! o get a extravagantly essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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