Saturday, January 25, 2014

‘Asses The Usefulness Of Functionalist Approaches To Our Sociological Understanding Of Crime And Deviance’ (21 Marks)

Asses the usefulness of functionalist approaches to our sociological understanding of plague and deviance (21 Marks) This reckon testament look at how functionalist have made it clearer and easier for us to understand the reasons abomination and deviance is needed for edict and will excessively look at different theories and their usefulness. Durkheim looks at how crime and deviance is inevitable and needed in society as it performs two important positive functions: boundary maintenance and mutation and change, he says that boundary maintenance is when society reacts to crime and in that location is social cohesion, and this leads to society condemning the criminal and the penalty precondition by the social agencies is a instruction of reaffirming societies dual-lane rules and pay back social solidarity. The media portrays the court case and the penalisation; this acts a way of informing members of society and discourages others from rule breaking. allowance and change for Durkheim is when an private has an idea or belief which is seen to be pervert by rest of the members of society, they fight and challenge the existing norms and values, in duration there values may soften way to a new culture and morality and not seen as pervert any much such as cohabiting couples would be seen as deviant due to the couples not been married merely in online times it is not deviant as it is more hot in society. These changes in values and in society consent to society to progress and evolve. Durkheim has been pinkd in terms of that he does not explain how much crime and deviance is the good criterion for society to function properly. He does not extend the causes rotter crime, carry on from crime he also dialog about how crime serves and benefits society but ignores the achievement of this on other individuals and groups of society; he also does not focal point on groups and other societies around the adult male just individuals. Feminists would criticise Durkheim by saying! that there is no focus on crime committed by women....If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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