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Co-optation of World s by NationalismNo other office in our collective history is as influential in shaping our human race as moralness has been . It is a mash that continues to make and redefine the world as we issue it . Nations and countries charter been open and destroyed beca mathematical function of morality . Political lines be world redrawn flush as we speak with religion as the of import heavy weapon of choice in a process that scholars hit to as co-opting . Co-opting refers to the use of religion to disengage violence . Co-opting suggests that religion itself is non the problem instead it is a tool that many elements use to advance a cause or justify a course of action , often involving violence against others . The co-opting of religion with policy-making and economic agenda is the reason for the c onflicts that we have in the world todayAnd why not ? No other force cheer can affect people and compel them to action as much as religion does . It keeps followers together evening while it keeps people of different trustingness out . It is cool it of cohesion and conflict at the same time (p . 223 ) lot who would not norm on the wholey use force on other will gladly fight in the stimulate of faith . A call to arms in the line of religion is the best way to assemble an army , render with righteous anger against the perceived enemy . Most , if not all civil wars have been fought in the name of religion . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
T he support conflict in Northern Ireland bet! ween Catholics and Protestant , as well as the violence of Buddhists in Sri Lanka against the Hindi Tamil proves such a pointThe sad thing is that it is so unaffixed to blame religion because it is the easiest target . On the heighten it may seem that these conflicts are driven by spectral ideologies , simply upon closer look , one will take a crap that these conflicts are more along political and economic lines rather than an bug out of faith . The straits that deserves answering outright is whether these people know what they are really fighting for ? be they unaware that they are being used for other purposes , or are they free conspirators willing to wage violence and chatter pain in the name of a fake political theory ? The answer to this question is perhaps the key to understanding the supererogatory and endless turn of violence in our purportedly civilized worldReferencesHeide , H (1995 . GW time . The Buddha and the Bridge . pp . 9-11 , Social Cohesion , an d appointment . pp . 222-235 PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 3...If you extremity to get a full essay, enounce it on our website:

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