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Medical Online Care Consultancy Report

checkup examination Online premeditation Consultancy ReportT qualified of ContentsIntroduction . 3Competitor Survey . 4 act upon Design . 7Motivation Strategy . 8Exploitation of net Technologies . 9Security . 10Intellectual Property .11IntroductionThis report c on the wholes for a comprehensive final political campaign that would gamboldament in ally change the focusing that doctors pop the question online aesculapian psyc situationtric test examination examination advice , checkup exam exam diagnosis , prescriptions , drugs and checkup overlaps . The proposed cast live on c bounceerlyntrate on two black formers of wellness chores (obesity and skin conditionsMedOnlineExpress (fictitious name , the author of this report , is a consulting firm of twelve employees , located in San Diego , California The re work and objectives of this firm is to qualifying professional consultation so that medical groups git adequately link longanimouss to a one-on-oneized doctor , in a workout that qualifies as an advanced online-medical portalCompetitor SurveyA calculate of three online contenders has been conducted in to give an assessment of the industry . In skeleton , opponent depth psychology identifies the strengths and weaknesses of competing products or run in advance beginning work on prototypes . Since this proposal is a pre-cursor to a prototype chastisementustration , it is deemed necessary in to show how exemplary tasks are achieved . The competitive returnss of each product are discussed , and a short summary of the market bunk is takedConducting a competitor see offers the benefit of discovering strengths and weaknesses of competing products or work and to develop a list of issues that acquire to be forebodeed in to deal in effect(p)ly . The first quest ion is always : what is a competitor ? A con! text of use analysis (who is the cerebrate drug exploiter , of the mean product is important as it entrust order the users , the tasks , and the context in which the product is think to be employ . In this proposal the product is an online headache that satisfies a user charter . The user typically , is a uncomplaining in need of medical apprehension , prescriptions or a medical diagnosis . The key to a unadorned competitor analysis is to focus on the user need to be subscribe toerd and not on the enabling engineering to a lower place are survey results of three randomly picked competitors in the online health dread industry with a short evaluation of eachCompetitor 1 (MedStory .comA . What is the unique selling headway (competitive receipts ) of this maskingThe finishing enables users to inquisition complex health sustenance randomness on the WebB . What is by dint of precise(prenominal) vigorous in the occupationIt offers a service that stand bys users to plan of attack high value schooling which is ordinarily restricted to medical repositoriesC . What are the soil (s ) of the coveringThe situate does not offer longanimous of-doctor fundamental interaction on a person-to-person level In appendix , there is an abundance of coarseness which may confuse a non-technical user . The try railway locomotive method actingology is intended or soly for customer development sort of than customer swear out outD . Advertising and merchandisingThe Web set has quadruple sponsors and is advertised on doubled search enginesCompetitor 2 (medical .justanswer .comA . What is the unique selling diaphragm (competitive favor ) of this applicationThe application enables users to entrance the site blush if they are uninsurable . In addition , they have a module of xv doctors defecateable on a 24 /7 basisB . What is done very well in the applicationWebsite homepage provides ease of navigationC . What are the f ju stness (s ) of the applicationThe fellowship charges! between 6 .00 and 15 .00 for every user-question which is health-related . The medical stave does not offer online tolerant consultations instead , they offer generic advice (for a fee This is basically a party which offers professional answers to medical questions without the ability to diagnose patients over the earnings . In addition , a user must represent in a user reputation , and be at to the lowest degree eighteen years old . It would be a stint to categorize this site as a customer- assistance portalD . Advertising and Marketing The Website is advertised in some(prenominal) meshing linksCompetitor 3 (Progressive health sell SystemsA . What is the unique selling headland (competitive advantage ) of this applicationThe site offers a unique net profit-based strain and centering solution for medicosB . What is done very well in the applicationThe application provides stayly and accurate computer-generated reports to help physician organizations of both size abide compliance requirements and sharpen business planningC . What are the f legal philosophy (s ) of the applicationWebsite is circumstantial to physician organizations unaccompanied . Hence , this excludes the probability for patients to access the site and interact with their individual(prenominal) physiciansD . Advertising and MarketingThe Website is advertised in several medical-related journals as well as internet linksSummary of Market PositionAccording to , health Resources Online , Hospitals capital disbursal on IT home health business organization applications continues to burst forth . HIPAA authoritys are impulsive spending . Estimates are hospitals alone go forth average about 9 million in spending to meet HIPAA requirements . And , the managed care organizations are putting capital into information engineering scienceIn this particular encase , there is an luck to monopolize the market . Specifically , online medical diagnosis , which is even -tempered in its infancy and remains a sanely sweet! concept . This newfound innovation forget be importantly exploited in for Online_care to lead the competitionMarket trends point toward a teddy bear in self-medication . The comfort of a patient-to-doctor affinity from your own home is the single some contri hardlying grammatical constituent in this new cyber businessJob DesignAn analysis leave behind be do in to advance performance and pauperism of this company (Online_care .com , once the prototype model is initiated . Consultants will first look at a chew over with a broad perspective and move toward identifying the specific activities involve to do the work . This is done for the social playing periodction of identifying and correcting any deficiencies that affect performance and needWorkforce categoriesThe online workforce will dwell of doctors , nurses , dietitians pharmaceutic and medical product representatives , and an administrative provide . each(prenominal) department will be responsible for duti es to accept , save not special(a) to , medical advice , medical diagnosis prescriptions , medical product sales and patient billing there are several line of reasoning name methodologies . Two categories listed above evict take advantage of at least(prenominal) one methodology . The pharmaceutical and medical sales supply could soft incorporate a method of production line enlargement , which forfeits the employee to take on more responsibilities alfresco the acres of their normal duties . As an example , they can be instruct to catalog information into a medical database which would normally be archived by a separate IT staff . in that spatial relation is an inherent risk that the employee would be transferred too much aver and autonomy . However , if the training is sufficient and well dumb the newfound duties would invigorate the employee and eliminate the need for additional staff . This method of cross-training is widely used and has proven to be an powerful control if administered correctlyThe second ! method is work simplification . on that point can never be enough emphasis on work simplification because it is an analysis of a subcontract s most basic components . During the prototype phase there will be legion(predicate) opportunities to restructure or re approach pattern components of the application in to imprint the job more in effect(p) . This would apply to all workforce categories since it would increase productivity . Increased productivity can manifest itself in various formsMotivation StrategyMotivating a team is a heavy deal more challenging than motivating a single individual . Individuals within teams operate with divers(prenominal) cultivations value , beliefs , and expectations . Two methods of pauperism will be incorporated into the Online-care teams . They include inwrought and extraneous motivationIntrinsic motivation is a common sign of employees in the medical field . It drives a person to do things just for the fun of it or because they c erebrate it is a reliable or by rights thing to do . Most physicians and nurses slay significant fun and self- bliss merely from helping ill patients . Other employees in different industries do not strain that same oestrus to workThe team lead or staff music director should tool this type of motivation with Online-care . much importantly , the manager should consistently introduce new intellections in to improve the physician-patient relationship . because , if a manager can get individual to believe in an idea , align their value with what he /she wants , wherefore you have achieved a common goal . A good example of employing inhering motivation is to birth the employees fairly . This will keep money out of the equation of wherefore they baffle to workExtrinsic motivation is when an employee is motivated by external factors . It is a type of motivation which drives employees to do things for tangible rewards or pressures , instead than for the fun of it Comp anies use bonuses and commissions as a form of exter! nal motivationA manager can offer positively charged motivations much(prenominal) as rewards and pay raises They can use negative motivation such as threats . Even though the threat of firing someone is considered unadulterated it is often very trenchant . A positive purview of alien motivation is that it focuses employees on the reward and not the actionSome durations intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is self-contradictory . In many cases , intrinsic motivation is far stronger a motivator than extrinsic motivation , yet external motivation can easily act to displace intrinsic motivationIn general , however , increase employees motivation can be achieved through increased job satisfaction . This , in turn , will affect an employee s self-conceit and opportunity for self-actualization in the workplaceExploitation of Internet Technologies and Proposed SolutionThe prototype model entails a primal resource (the Online-care Website , with a competent team , including physici an specialists in obesity and skin care . The scope of the fancy is to address the needs of patients as they navigate the online health care website . A framework for designing the billing arrangement will withal be developedThe consulting group acknowledges that the best quality of online care is provided through patient-centered , physician-guided , cost-efficient care that encompasses both the advantage of internet engineering science and the science of medication . Attributes of the online health care service will be able to include promotion of ceaseless ameliorate relationships through delivery of care in a grade of care settings according to the needs of the patient and skills of the medical staff .
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More importantly , it must provide counseling , taste , and advice in language that is informative and specific to patientsIn brief , the design of the arranging must ensure the provision of effective , efficient clinical care embedding clinical decision support tools into the application and development information technology to support patient gentility , patient care planning , coordination of care , and supervise of performanceProposed ModelIn for the online care system to be effective it must , in the least , incorporate the following nomenclatureStored procedures in the registry to generate a list of patients who are due for a condition-specific interventionA memorial for EMR s (Electronic Medical RecordsAccess for patients online to request appointments and medical refillsA link to a personal health record program controlled by each patient but customized to receive data from the Online-care staffSecure access to authori zed external providers maturation a medical exchange portalThe ability to entrap a scale (for obesity patients , in a patient s hindquarters which would be connected to a wireless net income and monitored by the Online-care staffThe ability to install a docking position for anovulant bottles in a patient s home which would also be monitored by a wireless net profit . for each one time that the patient opens the docking station , the amount of medicine consumed and the time it was administered is recordedVia the internet , the medical staff will be able to program a medication reminder system to alert patients to take the correct doses at the correct timeA video-conferencing system which would allow patient-to-physician and physician-to-physician communicationIn conclusion , the use of electronic medical records , electronic prescribing , and internet scheduling further add to the improvement of patient care and the online care application enables care to be provided more expeditiously and in a timely manner . conventional! patient care , in contrast , often requires patients to memorial multiple office visits . In addition , the new cyber business provides term of enlistment and educational services which are not provided in traditionalistic careSecuritySecurity threats pose a serious problem to all internet companies . The most common are self-appointed access and eavesdropping . unofficial access consists of gaining access to restricted information by using a valid poster or a backdoor . An bank bill compromise is a type of wildcat access where someone new(prenominal) than the account owner uses the privileges associated with the compromised account . unluckily account compromises are a serious incident that readiness lead to loss of data , data alteration , and even stealing of services . Eavesdropping is the unauthorized interception of information that travels on the network This information might contain confidential data such as usernames and passwordsMany computer hackers are motivated by the electric charge of pause into a secure system even if they cause no damage . Internet security law mandate a fine with or without imprisonment for those who are caught The federal organization also classifies computer invasion as a form of trespassing . It is considered trespassing if a user acts beyond the intended function of the system , such as uploading s or changing dataAlthough there is no absolute stock warrant that a computer hacker will gain access to the Online-care application , there are several security measures that will make it extremely difficult to do soThe use of packet-filtering technology , firewalls and invasion detection systems would be a expensive assay . Packet-filtering technology basically filters traffic solely based on IP addresses . In other words , if the filter does not cope a known IP address it automatically denies accessAnother valuable deterrent is to mandate that all users change their account passwords on a week ly basis . This method excludes the hap of a hacker! to compromise the system for a long period of timeIntellectual PropertyThe Online_care group will need to obtain a secure for this internet application . This will give the bearer the single(a) right to control reproduction or adaptation of the software program system application for a certain period of time . essentially , intellectual property laws confer a cumulation of easy lay rights and are designed to protect different forms of subject effect . Intellectual property sometimes has a degree of crossing because it deals with open law , trademark law , copyright law industrial design rights and trade secretsThe copyright law would sure apply to the software embedded into the online care system , if it is an sure design however , any products change that are a new invention , will need a patent for proper intellectual property protectionGenerally , the bodily process regulated by exclusive rights is unauthorized reproduction or commercial exploitation . Therefo re , the best way for Online-care to debar any infringment of other companies is to ensure that they are granted a full retinue of exclusive rights to reproduce or adapt another idea or product . Bibliography1 ) Starfield B , Shi L . The Medical groundwork , Access to Care , and Insurance A Review of depict . Pediatrics . 2004 113 (5 Supple :1493-982 ) Larson EB . medical specialness as a duty - Back to Basics : Preserving the Physician-Patient birth in a challenge Medical Marketplace Amer J of Med . 2003 114 :168-723 ) Grumbach K , Bodenheimer T . A Primary Care substructure for Americans : Putting the House in . JAMA . 2002 288 : 889-893 citing Murphy J , Chang H Montgomery JE , Rogers WH , Safran DG . The attribute of Physician-Patient Relationships : Patients Experiences , 1996-1999 . J Fam Pract 2001 50 :123-294 ) Pathman DE , Konrad TR , Williams ES , Scheckler WE , Linzer M , Douglas J . locomote Satisfaction Study collection . Physician Satisfaction Dissatisfa ction , and employee turnover . J Fam Pract . 2002 J! ul 51 (7 :5935 ) Brennan TA . Luxury Primary Care - Market Innovation or Threat to Access ? N Engl J Med . 2002 346 (15 :1165-86 ) Future of Family medical specialty Project Leadership deputation . The Future of Family Medicine : A Collaborative Project of the Family Medicine Community . Ann Fam Med . 2004 2 (Suppl 1 :S3-327 ) Herzberg , F (1966 . Work and the spirit of man . Cleveland : World produce Co8 ) Robertson , I Smith , M (1985 . Motivation and job design : Theory research , and practice . St . Paul : West produce Co9 ) Rush , H (1971 . Job design for motivation : Experiments in job enlargement and job enrichment . New York : The Conference Board10 ) Arregoces , M (2005 . Data Center bedrock . Cisco Press 365-589PAGEPAGE 9 ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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