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This is a very broad topic. These two novels are touted as the novels that sparked a conversion. They are the barometer of the prevalent climate at the latter(prenominal) unrivalled-half of the Spanish rule in the Philippines. The first novel, Noli Me Tangere is Latin for lead me non. According to Jose Rizal, the prevailing culture of wickedness and burdensomeness during that time was a cancer that was killing the Philippine golf-club and culture. As we know, cancer growths should non be touched lest they metastasise to foreboding(a) (end-stage) proportions. Jose Rizal was a medical doctor after all. Noli Me Tangere set(p) the ground effect for the two novels. There was actually a third one in the works tho Rizal died beforehand finishing it. In Noli, he gave the reader the prevailing climate of Philippine society. In the chapter The Rulers, he explains that the true powers in Philippine society did not belong to the governor general or the King of Spain but to the troops and the church service, represented in the chapter by the alferez (sheriff or read/write head of military police) and the parish priest (cura). Since the beginning of Spanish rule in the Philippines, it has always been the sword (military might) and the cross (church) that unplowed the people crush and under control. The abuses of the military had been widely attested and so with the church. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The church undermined the govt -- saying that no matter how game the position of the positive is, his boss is still human. A dispirited priest however, answers and to God. The novel goes on detailing the abuses of the milita ry and the church by curtailing the educatio! n of the masses so they would proceed illiterate and not able to mount a revolution (ironic since the revolution that toppled the Spanish regime came from the masses led by Andres Bonifacio). The church unploughed the masses afraid by their evangelization of fossa and damnation and marketing of indulgences. The main character of Noli is Crisostomo Ibarra who represents the indio (pure Filipino) who was...If you want to hold a sufficient essay, order it on our website:

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