Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outline For Presentation About Russia. Social Science Course.

Outline 1OUTLINEFor PowerPoint PresentationRussia : In Its Times with the USSR (In this section , feature a brief background the country - its geography and its people , temperance before the breakdown of USSR , and its political system during the USSR periodIntroductionMajor Geographic FeaturesPeople /PopulationCulture and ReligionSocial StructurePolitical political science body during the Soviet periodEconomy before the breakdown of the USSRIn the Brink of Soviet destabilization (This section shall feature the breakdown of the Soviet meat and its speedy impact to the Russian scrimpingThe Breakdown of the Soviet UnionEconomy of the Post-Soviet RussiaThird conception or Emerging Market (This section shall tackle Russia whose saving has been assemble to belong to the three- being class . Feature further wherefore the Rus sian government does not see themselves as a third world country and what are their strategies in bringing their economy back on trackRussia , a third-world countryA look at Russia s 10-year porcine Domestic Product (GDPOutline 2The Russian GDP Illustrated (graphical debut of GDPThe uphill marketReferences /Readings (The following are collection of references and readings where you can good disclose readings for the sub-s of the 3-part presentation . I generally made weblinks for your gizmo . plainly press and hold CTRL and click the link to cast down finished to the recommended referencesPart IHYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .washingtonpost .com /wp-srv /world /countries /russia .html ?nav el hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .washingtonpost .com /wp-srv /world /countries /russia .html ?nav el Russia Microsoft Encarta bonus 2007 . stochastic variable 16 .0 .0 .0610 . DVD- fixed storage . Microsoft community . 2006HYPERLINK https / web .ci a .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /r! s .html https / vane .cia .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /rs .htmlHYPERLINK http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Russia http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /RussiaPart IIHYPERLINK http / vane .washingtonpost .com /wp-srv /world /countries /russia .html ?nav el http /www .washingtonpost .com /wp-srv /world /countries /russia .html ?nav elHYPERLINK https /www .cia .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /rs .html https /www .cia .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /rs .html Russia Microsoft Encarta insurance premium 2007 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Version 16 .0 .0 .0610 . DVD- ROM . Microsoft Corporation . 2006Part IIIHYPERLINK http /www .unesco .o rg / close /p86unm6 .doc www .unesco .org /most /p86unm6 .docHYPERLINK http /www .cdi .org /russia /johnson /7024-13 .cfm http /www .cdi .org /russia /johnson /7024-13 .cfmOutline 3HYPERLINK http /www .nortel .com / corporate /pressroom /feature_clause /2004b /06_28_0 4_russia .html http /www .nortel .com /corporate /pressroom /feature_article /2004b /06_28_04 _russia .htmlHYPERLINK http /www .balticdata .info /russia /macro_economics /russia_macro_economic s_russia_GNP_GDP_summary .htm http /www .balticdata .info /russia /macro_economics /russia_macro_economics _russia_GNP_GDP_summary .htmHYPERLINK https /www .cia .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /rs .html https /www .cia .gov /cia /publications /factbook /geos /rs .htmlHYPERLINK http /seekingalpha .com /article /16185 http /seekingalpha .com /article /16185HYPERLINK http /www .russiapro .org /cdi /article .wbp ?article-id 66F36CAB-7997-4 2F0-89E1-94F780E89815 http /www .russiapro .org /cdi /article .wbp ?article-id 66F36C AB-7997-42 F0-89E1-94F780E89815Quick Tips for Effecti! ve PowerPoint PresentationFonts wish well Arial and other sans-serif fonts are...If you want to nark a full essay, lay out it on our website:

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