Saturday, October 19, 2019

EXPERT PRACTICE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

EXPERT PRACTICE - Essay Example An example of this role is facilitation in ethical decision making and dilemma resolution. This role is indirect because that is not was taught to them but they acquire the knowledge, experience and responsibility in their line of work and their position and hence are chosen to take the moral action. Most of the ethical issues and cases they deal with are related to patient-caregiver and since their work involves interacting with the two, they take up the role and help resolve it (Fulton, Lyon and Goudreau, 2010). Specialization into one of these broad areas of contemporary roles is the best way to ensure that clinical skills and knowledge are retained. Specialization ensures that you develop and acquire exemplary knowledge and skills in that clinical nursing area and hence can be able to continue providing the nursing care needed to the patients. Lack of specialization will lead to a CNS becoming â€Å"a jack of all trades but a master of none† and hence cannot effectively care for any particular groups of patients. Specialization into an area like research where there is Evidence-Based Practice will ensure that you are on the forefront of researches aimed at improving patient care and even relationship between the patient and the caregiver. This article is based on the direct roles of CNS at the University Hospital Insel in Bern, Switzerland. There are four examples of the direct roles the CNS perform to the patients in that hospital. The first of the roles is bedside teaching where the CNS provides care to the patients who are in bed by doing a review of their cases in order to find out more about their conditions and even ways to help them improve. The second of the direct roles is wound care. In this role, the CNS provide extra care for the patients with wounds by concentrating on the cleaning, dressing and redressing of the wounds to ensure they are infection-free and are healing accordingly. They are able to perform this role due to their knowledge,

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