Thursday, September 26, 2019

Vital Signs and Nursing Procedures in Postoperative Period of Cardio Essay

Vital Signs and Nursing Procedures in Postoperative Period of Cardio Surgery - Essay Example This discussion stresses that  the abstract of the article presents a structured approach to the entire article as it presents a detailed explanation of section-by-section of the article. The article incorporates the various elements accordingly, revealing the relevant information to the reader as expected. This abstract, for instance, has the objective, in which it directly states the objective of the article as to develop a comparative analysis of the vital signs of patients after cardiac surgery, as well as, the nursing procedures. Further, the abstract follows with the method, outlining the procedures taken in the study, describing the study design and participants, data collection process and methods of analyzing and presenting the findings.This paper outlines that  in the introductory description of the study, the authors present a background of the study accordingly. They reflect on existing concern on the subject of concern, presenting the establishments from these relati onal past findings. Further, they proceed accordingly to present a justification for their study through identifying the gaps in the existing resources on the topic. Thus, from this observation, the authors evaluate the relevant basis of the study, creating the entire purpose of the study clearly. Additionally, the authors project their study through noting the existing problem, which is the existence of aspects of patient exposure after cardiac surgery.

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