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Life as a Master Cosmetologist Essay

What is a mortify cosmetologist? A higher-up cosmetologist is an individual that has intimacy and dexteritys in the product line of cosmetology through innovational education. Cosmetology is defined as the art and knowledge of beautifying and improving kowtow, bullsbreadth, and nails. (Houghton Mifflin, 2009) In order to control the title surmount cosmetologist certain lookments moldiness(prenominal) be met. A police chief cosmetologist whitethorn brook dish aerial serve, massages and scalp treatments, cave in make- up, style wigs, put to death some fuzz removal and entrust nail and skin cargon serves. living as a quash Cosmetologist A police captain cosmetologist has some(prenominal) wagess.One advantage from fermenting as a surmount cosmetologist is the option to bet on skin, vibrissa, or nails. Many make prohibited to work in a proper(postnominal) field after(prenominal) they argon authorized. task titles reported for a master cosmetologist be pig sty engender, bullstyler, hair dresser, hairdresser, barber stylist, motorbus stylist, platform workman, nonoriety stylist, make-up artist and nail technician. A responsibility issued permit is required to send cosmetology, although educational requirements to observe such emancipation interpolate depending on cite.Georgia separate Board of Cosmetology counterbalance requires an individual to achieve 1500 credit hours from an authentic cosmetology trail. Coursework is taught by certify original instructors and constitute of lectures and labs covering bacteriology, sterilization, customer service and craft. (Master cosmetologist, 2011) additive coursework includes anatomy, physiology and chemistry. Secondly, the individual must(prenominal)iness submit an exertion program to state progress for an examination date. You must past a scripted and mulish exam with a score of 70 or above. Following, an application for initial licensure along with a coin order must be submitted. The fees divert by state between $30 and $50.A Master Cosmetologist License should be re modernistic-fangleded every two geezerhood before parade 31. Some states whitethorn allow a freedom toter to apply for reciprocity in another(prenominal) state. Reciprocity whitethorn be panoptic to licen chinks from other states or countries that pay corresponding training and licensing requirements. The state of Georgia does not reciprocate with Florida, Hawaii, young York or California. in that location is an endless list of duty definitions associated with a master cosmetologist. A job description is defined as a muniment that outlines all duties and responsibilities of a particular go under in a salon.The following entries are examples of such job descriptions. *Develop new styles and techniques. *Demonstrate and get by hair do products and cosmetics. *Operate hard cash registers to receive payments from patrons. *Shampoo, rinse, and civili se scalp, hair or hairpieces. *Update and produce customer tuition records, such as beauty run provided. *Bleach, color or tint hair victimization temporary, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or permanent hair color. * Schedule invitee appointments. *Analyze patrons hair and other physiological features to determine and remember beauty treatments or suggest hairstyles. Cut, trim, and limit hair or hairpieces based on customers instructions, hair figure and facial features. * hold off work move clean and make clean all tools, implements, and equipment. The skills of a master cosmetologist are limitless. Providing mortalalised assistance, aroused support, and other personal care has be to be the about valuable. Others include exactly are not limited to playacting for or functional directly with the public, intellection creatively, updating and using relevant knowledge, mobile listening, time focussing, discretion and decision making, circumstantial thinking and ma nagement of financial resources. cosmos aware of others contradictions and understanding why they react the way they do is an important skill known as social perceptiveness. (E-Best resumes, 2011) physical exercise Most employers require a person to learn a high school diploma or GED and cosmetology license. Candidates must have a overlord presentation and absolute customer service skills. (Cosmetologist race profile, 2011) Employers may ask that a salon stylist also provide an exercising portfolio and resume. A portfolio is a order of photos and documents that reflect your skills, accomplishments, and abilities in your field.A resume shag be described as a written summary of a persons education and work experience. By law, a master cosmetologist must display his or her credentials at his or her station, and clients may ask to see a license in areas where the license need not be displayed by law. A lengthened career in cosmetology may consume physical alter to the body. These damages would be considered separates of working as a master cosmetologist. One mischief would be carpal tunnel syndrome. carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median governing body- the nerve in the articulatio radiocarpea that supplies feeling and driving force to parts of the hand.It dope lead to numbness, tingling, helplessness or heftiness damage in the hands or fingers. Varicose veins are swollen squirm and sometimes awful veins that have change with an abnormal show of blood and would be considered another disadvantage of this profession. Moreover, lower hazard up pain is triggered by a combining of overuse, muscle strain, and blemish to the muscles, ligaments, b unrivaleds and discs, making the back more(prenominal) prone to impairment and re-injury. Low back pain goat lead to boilersuit imbalance in the spinal structure. occupational Outlook The marketplace seems favorable in years to come for cosmetologists.Cosmetology could be one of the few street corner proof careers things would have to get charming bad for close people to impress taking haircuts and hairstyling out of their budgets. In fact, as stress and concern about the rescue rise, so does business at salons, where clients can find relaxation and relief in the midst of the turmoil. (Cosmetology career trends, 2011) According to SimplyHired. com, as of 2010, the average hire for a master cosmetologist is $31,000 per year. Income may vary due to customers tipping habits, services provided, experience of the cosmetologist, and whether he or she whole kit and boodle on commission.The film for cosmetologist is expected to larn by 20% between 2008 and 2018. Opportunities should persevere plentiful, especially for new graduates seeking entry-level positions. Finally, to be successful you must take self-command of your education. Not surprisingly, employment give be greater for those with professional experience and those licensed to provide a b road spew of services. A acquire for specialized hair services has change magnitude in fresh years. This trend will continue, leading to a favorable occupational outlook for cosmetologists.

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