Saturday, May 11, 2019

EXPANDING THE LEARNING COMMUNITY Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

EXPANDING THE LEARNING COMMUNITY - Assignment ExampleThe programs deal with the troubles or goals that the schools focus on. The appointment plan describes how to manage childhood obesity in Fort Wayne community schools.Fort Wayne is a land with high rates of childhood obesity of about 27%. Childhood obesity is especially a nuisance because of both its long term and immediate effects. Obesity leads to low self esteem among children, and depression. It also causes opposite diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, and high blood pressure among other diseases. Obese children are also in all likelihood to be obese when they get old and may incur from other complications related to the disease such as stroke, heart disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes type two, and several types of cancers. They are likely to suffer from cancer of the Gall bladder, thyroid, pancreas, ovary, Prostrate, colon, breast, kidney, cervix, esophagus, and endometrium. It is imperative f or the community to work together in dealing with this problem prevention and management.Community school is a learning institution that uses a different framework in ensuring development in various areas. Community school is, therefore, a school that collaborates with community resources to achieve its loving services, academic, and health, community engagement, and youth and community development goals. It has an integrated approach to these features, and these have been found to improve savant learning, make communities healthier, and families stronger.Community schools have a different curriculum which emphasizes community problem solving and real-world learning. Melaville, crisphead lettuce and Blank (n.d) indicate that community schools promote a different kind of learning environment that which goes beyond the classroom walls. The schools nurture the natural engagement of being able to deal with real life problems. The tie beam between the community and the school influen ces the curriculum that incorporates issues from the real world.It is a

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