Sunday, April 28, 2019

Discussion Boards Questions 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion Boards Questions 5 - Essay ExampleIts excessively a field where people determine what they want to earn and the benefits they want to enjoy from their employers. With this in mind, I was determined to follow my ambition and resigned from my previous position.Following Jesus implies accepting him as the forgiver of sins and thenceforth following his slipway by living a righteous life that is in line with his teachings. It is a journey with both joyful and challenging moments that involves life time commitment. A new Christian should try guidance from spiritual leaders, read the word of God as well as interact with crack believers for him or her to grow spiritually.Olympics are international sporting events that attract audience across the world. One of the ways that the managers of Olympics emulate to create strong awareness is the use of advertising through amicable sites. One of the central 2012 London Olympics commercials that motivated me to visit their social med ia sites was the use of torch relay that was undertaken from May 19 to July 27. By the use of colored images and young athletes, the commercial was a symbol of peace, love and unity that the world should emulate. Having been sponsored by Coca-Cola Company, the Olympics flame was a success in the sense that it attracted large number of audience across numerous countries in the world. Many people decided to visit London while others viewed the Olympics via their television sets in their homes or in the street of the big cities across UK and other countries.Coca cola is leading worldwide drunkenness company with wide range of products that can be consumed by people regardless of their age and social status from rural and urban areas. It has brands that compete among themselves. In one of its commercials, Coca-Cola depicts young people playing basketball game but once one of their friends appears drinking a Sprite brand, the young people in the basketball field stops to play and run towards the young person who was taking sprite. This is a

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