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Management & Leadership Essay

The agency the world now ex tennerded finished the industrial revolution from the twentieth century has a grand backcloth with legion(predicate) driving factor tangled. The scheme that is cost- in effect(p) and has a heartfelt electric shock on social welf ar of society, and those living in the society, is comfortably dependent on the effective and resourceful piece of giving medications of all kinds, which depends on satisfactory or excellent stresssing and hotshotership potential, and which digest be learnt and extended, would be acknowledged by many.This is the originator antithetic policy-making sympathies and g alwaysywherenment agencies nationally or internationally, organic law of all kinds, investing in their let development, behaves as the basis of this belief that they make considerable investment in guidance and lead training, development and education.There was a report in November 2006, Yahoo motor manager Brad Garlinghouse issued memo that direct ly challenge the old wariness. He acc utilise the Yahoos attractionship lacking strategic direction. Their competitor Google had beaten Yahoo in terms of revenue, advertisement and the dowry price fallen nearly a third since the start of the year. He suggested to have a change in their strategy.Off course it is precise difficult to change the strategy for any organization plainly to experience in the competent world a change should be do when leaseed. It was Mr. Garlinghouse great guidance and leading skill that he diagnosed the problem and gives his organization a direction to move. A graphic symbol from what he observed and analyzed, the main part is that he do a decision to apply the change.He talent have adopted divergent path for prudence as head as leadership, according to the organizational structure of Yahoo, and would be aw atomic number 18 of what violation would be coming in applying the decisions. It would have been Autocratic or paternal or it migh t be the Democratic one but what really he identified was the lack in the management and leadership directions.Waka global is a multinational organization making FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) all over the world and for the last few years making its delegacy up but non with a pace with which it has to moving over with nifty management and leader but still the HR management asked secondary researcher to compile a report on how the managers flush toilet lead their team using polar styles of management and leadership and how these styles going to impact on the strategic decision, and this is what good organization do to look what changes they need or things that can be adopted kindred Yahoo manager Brad Galinghouse did. There is a good saying by just aboutbody that there is one thing constant and it is change and researchers have made efforts to put forward some suggestion what style we should adopt in different work spotlight within a team in Waka International to worth y the challenges on different stages.Management is been described as the process of setting objectives and making most efficient use of pecuniary, gentlemans gentleman and physical resources to achieve these objectives, in which main task include intend, organizing, domineering and coordinating.The resources whitethorn include the organizational assets which may be people, machinery, raw materials, culture, skills and financial capital to assess the organizational performance i.e. how efficiently and effectively management use these resources to satisfy clients and to briefly explore or examine management and in this report will be spirit on the management theories of two recent writers.First researcher tried to sketch the get of Peter Drucker for his work to describe and comment upon what managers do and he identifies 3 tasksSatisfying the goals or mission of the organization. Enabling the worker to achieve and focus on productivity. Managing social responsibilities.He sug gested in simplified manner that managers atomic number 18 required to set objectives organize motivate and communicate measure and develop people.Secondly to mention the influential work on management of henry Mintzberg in which he details his observations of what managers actually did. He examine that managers were not found to spend most of their time planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling and suggested ten utilisations managers often attempt logically in the pursuit of their objectives and divided these roles in three stages as construction relationship with the employees, yielding the quality information and finally the allocation of decision making, objective and resources to the employees.On the other travel by leadership can be suggested as, the part of management to drive the organization to achieve its goals by utilizing potential influence with group efforts. Leadership in the organizational role involves establishing and sharing a hallucinat ion, providing information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision so others can follow spontaneously.If we link management and leadership we can say that leadership is an essential part of effective management, which emphasis upon the building an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to develop and excel skills. This link amid management and leadership shows that managers must have traits of a leader. small-arm discipline almost leadership researcher describes two types of leadership which are call for Leadership & Indirect Leadership. Direct leadership is something about howling(a) orders to your followers and maybe enforcing them to accept you as a leader, where followers employ to see the leader regularly face-to-face. Or it can be verbalize that the leaders who are able to get to know those they are works with and influence them on an interpersonal basis are direct leaders.While those having thousands of followers without possessing the role of lea dership is the indirect leadership. It may also be believed that the indirect leadership has to do with influencing others and making them your followers indirectly by inspiring the followers through your character, charisma etc. Leadership is not about ruling people desire subjects and taking it for granted its about foundering yourself as someone who people think should be followed for guidance. Its about winning the minds and hearts of people.If we like to differentiate between management and leadership we can come up with the idea that Managers perform roles in organizations and hold a specific, formal title and fulfill a role well Leaders aim to influence and guide others into pursuing occurrence objectives or ideas of the future and to motivate them into wanting to follow.In Waka International the management has the best quality leadership hence the reason, management asked their junior mental faculty for such an important part to look on it, since the organization is will ing to move up and each management is leading its team in a good way, with a good pace as well, in a better management and leadership style.Leadership style is the way in which the functions of leadership are carries out, the way in which the manager typically behaves towards divisions of the group.Different leaders have different behavior which might nurture different effects, so researchers began studies on successful leaders and began to develop different styles of leadership. Also how to become a good leader one should be aware of his leadership style. There are many theories on leadership styles these are summarized into three dimensional theories which describe different leadership stylesThe thought in this style is of leader and followers, where leaders have got all the postgraduate power, authority and control they make the decisions in a one way communication and direct their followers with minimal participation of followers. All the planning and thinking is assumee by the leader and the teams role is to follow the orders and motivation to the followers only comes from the leaders status, charisma, expertness and power to reward and punish.An example of authoritarian styles is John F. Kennedy and one of the many things that John F. Kennedy is remembered for is his vision concerning the United States space program. On September 12, 1962, sequence speaking at Rice University, President Kennedy saidWe choose to go to the woolgather in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to winHe then went on to talk about metal alloys that had not yet been invented that are undecided of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced. He had a vision of sending a man to the moon and back safely. He even explained how it was going to be accomplished. John F. Kennedy was exhibiting an significant leadership style that mobilized the resources of an entire nation towards this single goal.When we are talk of the town about elective leadership, it does not refer to a leader who holds political office or background, such as senator or parliamentarian. It talks about a leadership style that exhibits democratic characteristics. This idea of leadership involves rails a telephone line on the basis on the majority of decisions i.e. leader encourage the involvement of employees to take part in decision.Many of the great organizational leaders did use this style, Bill Gates is well know for his democratic management style at Microsoft. He actively involved employees in key management and strategic decisions. He was always interacted with the employees of Microsoft and customer and devoted his time for them by staying in contact via e-mail.In the democratic lead ership style, we see a balance in the decision-making process. Employees or followers are allowed to participate in the decisions their opinion counts just as much as the leaders. Now this might sound like the best way to lead but every ways got some pros and cons in it.In this type of leadership managers observes that employees are working well on their own and consciously make a decision to pass to the member to allow them impoverisheddom of action and not to interfere and is always acquirable to help in need. The leader may also set some example but nobody has to follow it if they want to. They leader come int try to motivate their subordinate or it can be said that motivation only comes from the fact that the individuals are free to do what they likes and no one has to waste time explaining their actions. This leadership style may work with individual people like academics and artists who need to be free on work in their own way, and dont like teamwork, they would like to like what they want, and not ask for guidance or permission.Researchers suggested that a specific leadership style cannot be constraint to a peculiar(prenominal) situation rather any styles can be adopted at any situations. Researchers also suggested that the autocratic style may be satisfactory when large numbers of un-skilled employees are involved and when quick decisions are a matter of life and death and have to be made quickly. demand is just a name which comes out from the personality of the leader that is the reason followers struggle to please or satisfy the leaders. So this style may be adopted when there is a need of urging in Waka International and when a particular objective is achieved a different style can be implemented, and this is what management is all about, the change.Since in the democratic style, employees or followers have an equal say in the decision-making process, they are more dedicated to the desired outcome. The collaborative environment created by this style often imports in more comprehensive solutions to problems. If Waka International is looking for better and long term result democratic style would be a better choice as most of the renowned attach to focus on the democratic style so it would be valuable for long term objectives and goals.Laissez-faire type of leader may reinvigorate or motivate people or plan ideas but do not make any efforts to ensure that the team follows it. This kind of leadership can only work with academics or artists, who dont like team work and emphasis to work freely. So many researchers dont suggest adopting this style of leadership and it will not be driving the organization to its objective quickly. But this style is has good result if professional and experienced followers are in the workplace.From the report it can be conclude that management and leadership are two different aspects, but on a broad vision if leadership has not become the part of the management, this may lead to disastro us result. Coping up the resources and not leading in a good direction without an effective leadership may show short-term good result but it would not demonstrate a good impact on the organizational objective or goals and without the right leadership, organizational strategies will remain as ink on paper. Getting the right leadership to implement business strategies takes careful planning and dedicated effort, and often substantial investment.Like the sports coach whose mediocre team never wins a championship, the CEO cant hope to achieve bold new strategies without giving thought to his leadership team and leadership culture. Too many organizations have become carefree with their existing leadership programs, instead of making certain that they are linking their leadership strategies and development investments with their business strategies and taking full advantage of the learning opportunities that heed strategic change.With learning and research it can also be concluded that the planning methods are useful in meeting the challenges of any situation and developing leadership skills. Leadership traits can be learnt and developed to meet the strategic needs. This report has the relevance for handling complex situation of the present competitive business world by utilizing leadership skills in making strategic decisions to achieve the stipulated goal. The different styles mentioned earlier can be used depending upon the organizational needs and objectives, to achieve the goals.

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