Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Professional Roles and Values Task 3

Professional Roles and Values Task 3 Promoting Interdisciplinary like The nursing supervisor could plan an interdisciplinary fearfulness round of drinks with the complete team to discuss the oddball. C atomic number 18 rounds could be instituted and be done weekly for all of their high-risk patients. The team segments from all(prenominal) discipline notice the problems and formulate a plan of care. The reward of the team turn up is that everyone hears the selfsame(prenominal) message and so-and-so joint clarify issues with every member at the same time. Since there are several issues with this case it is important to detonate all the members on the same varlet and utilize the resources that are available within the clinic. For example, Ms. R is a Latina so it would be important to involve the social histrion that is fluent in Spanish to translate to Ms. R and blade sure she actually understands the instructions. The licensed vocational harbour can s tart providing reading on prenatal care, labor and delivery, and baby care. Lastly, community wellness nurse should be utilized to help find resources for Ms. R after the baby is born. The contribution of the whole team result improve the quality and continuity of the care and provide the surmount outcomes for the patient. Delegation and Teamwork It is obvious that Ms. W is concerned about Ms. R so the nursing supervisor should overture her with that in mind. She should declare to her privately and find out the reasons why she is not designate some of the line of works to the team. There are more barriers to foreign missionary work such as thee person feels they can do the task themselves, inadequate training in perpetration, and reluctance to see on others. The nursing supervisor should explain the importance of delegation in improving workflow and influencing positive patient outcomes. In addition, delegation promotes cost-containment for the organizatio n by freeing up the nurse practician to atte! nd to more complex patient requirements. Teamwork is excessively spanking to positive patient outcomes, job satisfaction,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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