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feminist movement contains no explicit direct meaning as with any ideology or political movement at that place is no single universal form of womens lib that represents every(prenominal) the feminists. There are different types of feminism theories namely: vaunt feminism, hearty feminism, radical feminism and post-modern feminism. However those different types changeless do not define what feminism is, they entail the main(prenominal) types of feminism. Feminism prat be defined to be a mixer supposition and political movement that is mainly motivate and base by the experiences of women. Addition exclusivelyy, feminism analyzes the role of women in high cabaret and their position through promoting womens rights, interests and issues. Feminism looks at providing a detailed critique of social dealings discussing matters of class, ethnic, racial, religious barriers, relegate field among others. Despite the different kinds of feminists they all agree on the imply to overthrow the system of male dominance that has infiltrated all social institutions. The beauty of feminism is its ability to not guess an ideology for only women amelioration, but to widen its comment to the commonplace betterment of all human beings. Thus introducing a refreshful definition as to who a feminist is, a feminist can be anyone in a population. From man to woman, son to girl all in favor of the revolution for an play off adult male without boundaries such as discrimination such as grammatical gender, married status, cozy orientation and age. Feminist theory aims to comprehend the spirit of gender divergence and concentrates on gender politics, power relations and cozyity. Feminist political activism campaigns on matters the likes of sexual harassment, domestic violence, maternal quality leave, equal pay, discrimination and sexual violence. Development of Feminism sexual practice oppression and inequality is not something new to the world it has exist ed for thousands of days dating sanction t! o biblical times where debates as to the splendor of women and their worth in comparison to men have...If you want to pop out a full essay, order it on our website:

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