Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to Respond to Conflicts with Colleagues in Working Environment Essay

At my acetify placement, I had a conflict with a teaching assistant at the school. I was workings two days per week, in year 4 with teaching assistant Mrs X, where she was continuously belittling me and at the same meter discouraging me by working against me rather than working with me in assisting the children with their learning. For example, if I was working with the children on a group task, she would suddenly ask me to agitate her virtuallything unimportant. Which would not only interrupt the task and the childrens learning exclusively their concentration as well. On another(prenominal) occasion, she contradicted me by giving another set of instructions to a group of children I was working with, to the instructions I had given to them earlier.It confused the group and they were unsure how the task was dismissal to be carried out. Though she knew I was working with that particular group and I had already discussed the task with them. There were almost every days several(p renominal) occasions when I could feel the tension between us. At scratch line I thought that as Mrs X was more experienced, she would know bettor and so I accepted the berth as it was. And organism a trainee TA, I felt that she was genuinely correcting my ways to assist children in their learning.second I also thought that I might be version the situation wrongly and I might have misunderstood her. just as the days went by, the situation deteriorated further. And I began to realise that I was being picked upon by Mrs X for no particular reasons. At this point I decided to raise the matter with my mentor. I explained the situation to her. She was quite unselfish and listened to me carefully.I was careful to explain the situation in a way, in case if my mentor took any action or decided to let the cat out of the bag to Mrs X, than any bad feelings didnt persist afterwards between us. after(prenominal) few days, my mentor got back to me and told me that she had a word with the class teacher of Mrs X and now on wards, I would directly be taking instructions and giving feedback to the class teacher only so that I had less and less interaction with Mrs X in the class room.It worked for me for some time, though luckily, I was asked by the Head teacher to start working with another year class where I was needed. I think I tried to resolve the conflict, with my colleague, amicably and constructively. I did so by first, not allowing it to go on for longer. Secondly, giving due time and consideration, to analyse the situation carefully, and then deciding to talk to my mentor in utmost alert way so that no bad feelings persist afterwards with Mrs X, and that its on record with my mentor as well.

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