Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Case Anaylsis on the Movie "The Beaver"

Brief Movie Summary: In the depiction The mold the briny character, played by Mel Gibson, is a depressed shopping mall and soul aged man named Walter B inadequacy. Walter is a husband, father, and a CEO of a toy manufacturing corporation. Walter is suffering from severe imprint which causes him to be an absentee father, absentee husband, and a unmotivated, nonfunctioning executive who spends most of his time sleeping. erst his wife decides to abdicate him he finds himself feeling suicidal. In this incident scene in the movie he is in a hotel room inebriation heavily. He gets very drunk and has his stuffed carnal puppet ( best) on his his hand. As he is about to manoeuver his own disembodied spirit by jumping finish a 10 history balcony, the puppet saves him. After this shadow Walter starts communicating through the puppet. When language through the puppet he has a different accent and different personality. The puppet or the beavers personality i s the opposite of Walters. The beaver allows Walter to ejaculate out of his depression. As the movie goes on you see that the beaver begins to take all over and Walters personality fades into the background. 1. In the movie The Beaver Walter Black is the main character who portrays a person with a specific cordial dis ordination.
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My diagnosis for Walter on Axis 1 would be major Depressive Disorder, recurrent with psychotic person person symptoms. He demonstrates a number of symptoms to apologize this diagnosis including having a markedly depressed mood, diminished intimacy or joy in all activities , severe hypersomnia , fatigue, lack of ener! gy, feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt, inability to concentrate, indecisiveness, and a suicide attempt. In addition, he has a neurotic belief that the beaver puppet is real. This is where he crosses the line into psychotic thinking. 2. Walter Black walks slowly and has a slumped over and and lifeless posture. When he speaks, his tone of voice is soft, flat, and missing detach affect. When speaking to others he...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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